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Community Based Experience

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2020 - Present

Coaches know what it takes to get things up and running. They guide communities through Community Heart & Soul using creative community engagement and involving everyone in identifying what matters most to the community. Currently coaching four Maine municipalities through the two year , four phase Community Heart & Soul Process. Working collaboratively to grow Heart & Soul Communities in Maine.

Donor Relations and Outreach 

2019 - 2020

Fundraising strategy and implementation for a medium sized nonprofit. Donor database management with Etapestry, recording and querying donor data for campaign strategy.  Working with a small team of staff for all communications and outreach about programs, fundraising and the organization.


2018 - 2020

CORE was a nonprofit organization that united member organizations and local citizens to cultivate an engaged and thriving community. Through community-wide initiatives, CORE delivered resources, programming, networking events, and mentorship opportunities to bring businesses and people together to build and inspire community.

Mahoosuc Heart & Soul

2016 - 2018

Project coordinator for a two year, four phase, community engagement and action plan development project. As the only paid staff member for the project my duties are to communicate with volunteers, partners, town leadership and the public what Mahoosuc Heart & Soul is, and how they can participate. Learn the tools and techniques developed by the  Orton Family Foundation and  follow the Community Heart & Soul process in our four town region. 

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